Well-Sense Mental Health Training

Well-Sense Mental Health Training

Cath Ashton has successfully developed, facilitated and authored various mental health training courses throughout Australia and in the UK since 2001.

 Well-Sense Mental Health Training offers practical workshops to fit in with your time-scales and audience by offering frameworks for identifying the warning signs of mental health issues.  Cath will work closely with you utilising her many years of professional mental health experience to discuss your requirements to suit your desired outcomes, content and whilst maintaining her client’s requirements  at the forefront.  

Well-Sense mental health training has flexible training options to align with your requirements and goals. By offering pragmatic and effective strategies to support employers, managers, HR, employees, students, family, friends and communities to become Mentally Healthy and aware. By doing this you are investing not only in the people around you but the community and the economy.

“PWC estimates that the return on investment for every dollar committed to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace to be $2.30”.

This valuable investment in wellbeing creates a healthy & safe environment to work, live and flourish along with your commitment to building on raising awareness, being pro-active and not reactive.


Workplace& General Mental Health Training- Full Day/Half Day/Lunch & Learn/Mental Health Corporate Events

This course covers subjects like:

  • Stress in the workplace 
  • Increasing Productivity & Reducing Stress 
  • De-escalation, Conflict and Assertive Communication
  • Time Management and Positive Conversations
  • Suicide Prevention