Surving Breakups & Attachment Styles

Surving Breakups & Attachment Styles

More young people are experiencing high levels of anxiety, stress, depression- all of which can have devastating effects on their mental health.Surviving Break Up & Attachment styles- 

Experiencing a relationship breakdown can be traumatic, sad and sometimes it is a relief! 

How we deal with break up, look after ourselves, relate to and ex and go about our daily tasks can take up a huge amount of energy. 

How you project you, what is your ‘Attachment Style’(everyone has an attachment style and it is immensely important in how relationships succeed or fail!), how people perceive you and more importantly how you relate to others. 

Whether it is in relationships, family or business to aid you to have a more open and honest conversation with yourself and others. This is where I can work with you to make the difference…you can do it.

It took me years to really understand what internal change meant. Change is constant, it is incredible, immensely rewarding, it’s frustrating, it can challenge you and be scary, it takes time and sometimes multiple attempts.

Well-Sense have delivered mental health training to over 3,500 students, educators and parents in primary, high schools, TAFE and universities throughout WA and Interstate.

The courses can be within the class time and curriculum, twilight/early evening training or professional Development days for educators

This course will help you to:

  • Understand why relationships don’t work sometimes
  • Why our attachment style is fundamental to how we choose a partner
  • How we reflect, regain confidence, self-worth and emotional energy after a break up
  • Learn how to move forward with your life in a positive way
  • Learn techniques that help you be more in control when looking for a new partner