Shades of Greatness

Shades of Greatness

Surviving Break Ups & attachment styles, 

One-to-One relationship mentoring

We lose a bit of ourselves as we go through life.

As women we often place ourselves on the bottom rung of the ladder as we help the family, career, friends even the family pet!

But along the way we forget what brought us joy, smiles and that ‘Ooomph’ which has now become an ‘Umph’!

Do you find yourself:

  • Saying No more and more due to lack of confidence & low self-esteem?
  • Wrapping yourself in a belief that you’re ‘too old or too tired’’ for the things you’d secretly love to do?
Whether it be relationship breakdown, empty-nesting, career change or just when you realise…
”Who am I anymore?”
We all go trough these stages in life and it can seriously make us doubt ourselves.

I’ll guide you to re-gain your Shades of Greatness and find your joie de vivre – your joy of living again! 

There are so many easy and practical changes you can make and I am here to show you how!

My courses are full of practical information to help you start to go form grey to the many colours that you once were and can be (plus some!

This course is designed for you to be your best self even though you may have lost a bit of ‘you’ along the way due to relationships issues & breakdowns, the varied stages of life that have thrown curve-balls at you, my course will help build the scaffolding and tools to help you navigate relationships of all kinds and become aware of the attachment styles that relate to how we relate to people. 

It will show you that it isn’t onerous, rocket science or out of your reach to make the change you want and probably need in your life. You will learn how to move away from toxic people, help yourself flourish be a better, kinder happier you! 

My courses have helped many people to make subtle changes in their thinking, actions and outlook and quite literally changing their lives for the better and for the long-term.