Relationships & Attachments Styles

Relationships & Attachments Styles

If you are new to online dating or have been on the ‘Merry-Go-Round’ of various sites seeing the same faces month after month….do you wonder why?! 

Online dating for at age and especially in my specific market of 30 years of age and upwards can be a minefield, major deflater of your confidence and quite honestly not healthy for your emotions. 

Our team have worked with hundreds of women and men in effectively creating online dating profiles. 

We will work with you to highlight your best attributes, showcase your authentic self and give you the tools for the most effective way to attract the partner you desire & deserve. 

You will learn how to identify genuine people from scammers (sadly these are very real and dangerous).

Most of all online dating should be fun, exciting and a positive part of life…. Let’s work together to create the best life you deserve!!

 We will work with you on the following:

  • Your priority is your safety and emotional health when navigating online dating
  • Creating a vibrant, honest and effective profile 
  • Suggesting the best photographs to show your best self and steer you away from ‘off-putting or cheesy’ photos your friends think are hilarious but don’t do you any justice.
  • Learn the signs if someone is wasting your time, not genuinely interested in you or playing you off against other dates
  • I will show you how to flourish depending on your personality type (this is vital when attracting our desired partner)
  • Setting healthy boundaries on behaviours which you should and should not accept 
  • I will teach you about Attachment and how this can make or break your decision to even go for that first coffee or dinner.
  • How to learn to say NO! and mean it without compromising your safety and emotional health (I work with so many people who just ‘settle or comply’ when it is the last thing they need or want)
  • How to attract a healthy relationship, companion, friend or life-partner
  • How to prepare for your first date and guide you through nerves, anxiety and the etiquette of dating responsibly