Relationship Mentor

Relationships, especially when we have been with one partner for many years- the end, beginning or at various stages can be challenging, stressful and confusing. The 21st century has seen more breakdowns in relationships & marriages than ever before.
To understand how you can become your best version of YOU.
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Thought Leader

In a world dominated by pressures to succeed, fear of failure, credentials mattering more than the person, social media presence and financial stressors, people are suffering unnecessarily.
Building strong personal and healthy foundations early on in life whether it be from family, culture, peers can help when life gets tough.
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Corporate Speaker

As a Mental Health Subject Matter Expert and an engaging speaker, I have delivered many relevant and successful keynote and program led-speeches at conferences and corporate events throughout Australia and Internationally.
I have worked with thousands of people across government agencies, education and WA & Victoria Police.
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Well-Sense Mental Health Training

Well-Sense offers practical workshops to fit in with your time-scales and audience by offering frameworks for identifying the warning signs of mental health issues.
Our team will work closely with you utilising her many years of professional mental health experience to discuss your requirements to suit your desired outcomes, content and whilst maintaining her client’s requirements at the forefront
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